Born in Cape Town and trained as a botanist, Stefan Wiswedel is passionate about conservation and is inspired by great beer and cider. After three years living in the Pacific Northwest, home of the craft beer revolution and some of the best breweries in the world, his dream was to bring a new level of creativity and excitement to South African shores. This was brought to life with the creation of Little Wolf. The name Little Wolf ties directly to his love of nature and the plants around us. Pliny the Elder, first-century author, philosopher and naturalist, named the humble hop plant H. lupulus, which means Little Wolf.

At the heart of this brand is the desire to discover. Both botanists and brewers are inspired by nature and nature provides us with a near endless number of ingredients with which to build delicious, bold, compelling brews. After all, we live and work in the most diverse plant kingdom on Earth, and our deep, visceral connection to this environment is a driving force in everything we do.

Join us as we unlock the limitless possibilities provided by the beautiful world in which we live.

Core beers

Hoppy Wheat


This American take on a wheat ale is brewed using heaps of mosaic hops and fermented with a neutral yeast. Its mild bitterness and gentle malt character take a back seat to the tangerine, papaya and gooseberry aromas from this New-World hop.

Ingredients: Water, malted barley, malted wheat, oats, hops, yeast

Flavours: Mango, Honey, Gooseberry

5% ABV

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Table Beer


This beer is light on alcohol but big on flavour. Citra and Yellow Sub hops give it a blast of fruity citrus character while its malt profile remains subtle, silky and full – because of the oats we’ve used. Inspired by the table beers of Europe, Little Wolf’s Table Beer is the perfect mealtime and chill-time beer: low enough in alcohol to have a few and flavourful enough to stand up to any dish.

Ingredients: Water, malted barley, oats, hops, yeast

Flavours: Citrus, Melon, Biscuit

3.5% ABV

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Virgin Cider


If you’re sick of the too-sweet drinks dominating fridges and bars, try this. Elgin apple juice is the foundation for this non-alcoholic cider and is comple- mented by American hops, which add a tropical-fruit scent and herbal finish. Delicious on ice or with your spirit of choice.

Ingredients: 72% apple juice, water, hops, citric acid

Flavours: Tropical, Herbal, Dry

0% ABV

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Limited edition beers

Sorghum Gose

A collaboration with Stellenbosch Brewing Co.

This is our African take on the classic tart and salty German Gose (Gose-uh). Sorghum, the traditional grain in umqombothi, gives the beer a rustic grainy character, while kettle-souring lifts the flavor profile with a light lemony tartness, a hallmark of this classic style. Renosterbos-infused sea salt from the Cape Town Fynbos Experience adds a hint of salinity and a herbal accent.

Ingredients: Water, barley, sorghum, wheat oats, hops, coriander, renosterbos infused salt, yeast and bacteria

3.5% ABV

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Sour blonde beer aged in a chardonnay barrel with sour cherries and black currants.

This mixed-fermentation sour cherry beer is inspired by the Kriek’s of Bel- gium. Tart, rich and funky. The barrel imparts a delicate woody character and a slightly vinous note while the cher- ries and black currants give the beer a rich flavour of sour cherry jam.

Ingredients: Malted barley, malted wheat, oats, sour cherries, black currants, yeasts & bacteria

5.5% ABV

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